Art Center & Creative Expression

The art center is a place filled with a variety of materials that children can enjoy on a purely sensory level for their creativity and self-expression. Creative art is another language used to express what children know and feel. They do this by exploring materials and the process used in creating things. Typical items include: pencils, crayons, markers, playdoh, paint, paintbrushes, various kids of paper, glue, scissors, clay, chalk, feathers, rulers, yarn, tape, cookie cutters, cottonballs, glitter, beads, ribbons, coffee filters, etc. Our teachers love displaying your child's artwork in the classroom. Public display encourages our budding artists and reminds them that their hard work has meaning and conveys thoughts and creativity. Drawing, painting, pasting, molding and construction are not only enjoyable but also provide important opportunities for learning. This improves their coordination, helps them to learn to recognize colors and textures and develops their creativity and pride in their accomplishments. This area also enhances their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well.

What you can do at home:
* Children love to bring home their artwork to share with the most important people in their lives.
* Art is a very easy way to bring your child's school life into your home.
* Take time to talk with your child about their picture. Ask questions about it... such as colors, objects, stories, etc.
* Art is something your child can do at home in almost any room.
* Make sure items are available to expand their interest in art.