Blocks & Construction Center

In the block center children are given the opportunity to construct, create, and represent their experiences with blocks, they grow in each area of development. Blocks are one of our most valuable learning materials in the classroom. For this reason when children build with blocks, they learn such things as: math concepts, how many, compare heights, sizes, shapes and much more. Adding props such as animals, cars, trucks, people and accessories into the block area extends their block play into dramatic play. Each time they use blocks, children are making decisions about how to build a structure, solve a problem, work together and learn to cooperate with each other.

What you can do at home:
* When you walk in your neighborhood, point out interesting buildings, talk about how tall some are and
     other questions to encourage ideas and answers about buidlings and materials they can be made from.
* Children love cardboard boxes of all sizes. These can be used for construction of lots of things
     and can be used for pretend play as well.