Computer Center

The computer area is a place where children can have fun while exploring the many exciting things that computers do. Children use computers to investigate questions, solve problems and explore and manipulate objects on a screen. Computers expand children in many different ways: vocabulary and language development, phonological awareness, understanding of books, knowledge of letters and words, enjoyment of literacy, number concepts, patterns and relationships, measurements, visual arts and much more. We encourage children to work at the computers in pairs or small groups. This helps them learn from each other and develops their social skills at the same time. This not only to encourages their growth and development but also helps them prepare for the future.

A list of recommended computer software for children can be found at

What you can do at home:
* You may or may not have access to a computer in your home. If you do, have your child "play" on it some.
* It is certainly not necessary that you do for your child to benefit from our program's computer center.
* We will be happy to provide you with programs and internet sites that are age-appropriate.