Cooking Center

Cooking is fun. It's also a natural laboratory for helping children to develop and learn. When children participate in cooking activities, they learn how food is prepared and how it contributes to their health and well-being. They also form eating patterns that can last a lifetime. Cooking is an important part of our curriculum. When children cook, they have an opportunity to learn about nutrition, to be creative and to prepare their own healthy snacks. Cooking teaches a lot of academic skills too. When children learn to follow picture recipe cards, they develop skills they need to read and write. Measuring gives them a lesson in math. Cooking is a very special part of our program. It is one of the few activities children get to do that is also done by adults. Children pretend to be grown-ups making meals in dramatic play. Children also read books and sing songs about food.

What you can do at home:
* Since cooking is already a part of your home life, involving your child will promote many rewards.
* Your child will be learning literacy, math and science skills just by helping you.
* Start your child on simple tasks like measuring, stirring, adding, shaping, pouring, etc.
* Ask questions about what you are doing together.
* What could be better than having fun, learning new skills and doing
    a household chore at the same time?