Music and Movement

Music naturally delights and interests children. Our program includes time for both music and movement. This provides an outlet for creative energy. Music and movement contributes to children's social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development. The children are involved in listening activities, joining in group experiences, experimenting with materials on their own and touch their emotions and involve their senses. Both music and movement are ways to communicate through ideas, feelings and stories. This center helps the children to form relationships and bond with one another. The children will learn listening skills, new vocabulary, rhythm, rhyming and coordination. They will use gross motor skills by singing songs, dancing to music and playing musical instruments. They will also learn letter sounds and counting skills by singing a variety of letter and number songs. Children will learn creative expression and a sense of "self" while moving and dancing to music.

What you can do at home:
* Enjoy music and movement with your child. Taking a few minutes to do so can provide a welcome break for both of you.
* Learn some of the songs that they sing in their classroom and sing with them at home.
* Make up songs and tunes to picking up toys, bathtub time, or riding in a care for example.
* Dance and have fun with your child.