Outdoor Play

Physical exercise and fresh air are important for your child's health and well-being. We take children outdoors everyday (weather permitting) so they can enjoy the outside and enhance their gross motor skills. Children enjoy running, jumping, climbing and playing outside. They are fascinated by butterflies, bugs, birds and the clouds floating by. We offer lots of equipment for the children to share such as balls, bikes, slides, spring rockers, tunnels and more. We also use this time to talk about things we see, hear, touch and feel so they become aware of changes in the weather, the seasons and the growth of plants and animals. Outdoor play promotes development and is as important to their learning as the time they spend in the classroom. The outdoors also offers many ways to enrich the curriculum and support development and learning.

What you can do at home:
* Spend time with your child outside: take a walk, go to the park, take a bike ride, blow bubbles, do sidewalk chalk and just explore nature.
* Children love to collect things so take along a bag for rocks, leaves, seeds, shells, etc.
* Make time to be outside with your child, exploring, making discoveries and appreciating nature.