Sand and Water Center:

This center is an important part of our program. Both sand and water are natural materials for learning. When children pour water into measuring cups, they are exploring math concepts. When they drop corks, marbles, stones and feathers into water, they are exploring cause and effect. When they comb through sand, they learn about art and patterns. Playing with sand and water involves sensory experiences that appeal to young children as it also challenges their minds and promotes all areas of development. Experiments include: molding sand, sink and float, volume and capacity, textures, sifting, pattern play, dump and fill and many more. The opportunity to play with sand and water on a regular basis helps children to develop their minds and bodies in relaxing and enjoyable ways.

What you can do at home:
* Water play can be done in the bathtub, wading pools and dishpans. Add soap to make bubbles and added fun.
* Materials could include: plastic measuring spoons and cups, funnels, animals, boats, straws, etc.
* Sand play can be done in a dishpan, sandbox and buckets.
* Materials could include: shells, shovels, rakes, scoops, funnels and molded shapes.