Discovery and Science Center

This center is a place to spark curiosity and wonder using new and interesting materials. Children can use their senses to touch, feel, taste, smell and see. In this center, children do what scientist do... they ask questions, plan and conduct investigations, gather information, construct an explanation and communicate findings. They also learn important concepts in science as they study plants, animals, magnets, properties of materials, light, shadows, rainbows, how things work, move and much more. They will learn about weather changes, environment awareness, plant growth, care of animals and the balance of nature (circle of life). This center has a lot of hands-on activities and is often one of the children's favorite centers. In addition to learning science concent, they learn how to solve problems together and how to communicate with others.

What you can do at home:
* Science is all around us from making bubbles in the bathtub to boiling water on the stove.
* Children are curious and love to investigate, so be enthusiastic and ask lots of questions.
* Look for opportunities to develop your child's scientific thinking during everyday activities.
* Always ask the question "why"?