Toys and Games/Math Readiness

This center includes manipulatives, puzzles, matching games and games with rules that children can play at a table or on the floor. These materials offer children a quiet activity that they can do alone, with a friend, teacher or in a small group. Children strengthen all areas of their development as they play with toys and games. This area helps teach fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination skills, and math skills such as counting, sorting, sequencing, matching and number sense. Some of the activities available in this center are: puzzles, nesting boxes, felt boards, legos, sewing cards, stringing beads, math manipulatives, folder games, math readiness games, dominoes, matching games as well as card and board games.

What you can do at home:
* Parents play an important role in selecting toys and games that are safe, interesting and appropriate for your child's abilities.
* Have a "Family Game Night" each week. Pick different games and have fun with each other.
* Play, Imagine and Enjoy